A Collection of Transcriptions
and Recordings From Workshops, Lessons, and Personal Efforts.

Clawhammer Banjo Tabs
- Here are a couple hundred tunes. I'm caught up! I'll be editing these as I have time and adding new tunes every now and then.

Fiddle Transcriptions
- Here are a hundred or so fiddle tunes that Mark Wardenburg has transcribed from various recordings.

Sound Files
-We have some Band In A Box files and will be adding midi-generated melody files before too long. Sound Files Page.

Walker Creek Music Camp - April 2014
-Fiddle and Banjo classes with the Earl White String Band with Earl White on fiddle and Mark Olitsky on banjo.

Walker Creek Music Camp - October 2013
- String band class with Greg Canote, Jere Canote and Candy Goldman. Plus, old time mandolin with Caleb Klauder.

Walker Creek Music Camp - April 2013
- Old-Time Banjo with Candy Goldman (and a couple fiddle transcriptions).

Old-Time String Band Music Class
- Group class in Oakland with Jordan Ruyle (Banjo), Allegra Yellin (Guitar) and either, Suzy Thompson or Karen Celia Heil (Fiddle).

Guest Book
We'll give it a try. Leave comments, suggestions and maybe even requests. No promises, or course. But, I am interested in finding out who all those people are that have been logging in from Altoona and China.

Frequent Fryer
A blog-ish collection of related news, thoughts about old time, blah blah blah.


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