A Collection of Old-Time Banjo Tabs, Fiddle Transcriptions and Recordings From Workshops, Lessons, and Personal Efforts.

Clawhammer Banjo Tabs
- Here are 600 or so banjo tunes. I'll be editing these as I have time and adding new tunes every now and then.
(And, no, I don't have them all memorized.)

Fiddle Transcriptions
- Here are 640 or so fiddle tunes. Mark Wardenburg has transcribed these from various recordings.
(and, no, Mark doesn't have these all memorized either!)

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Chord Charts
- Chord charts for many of the tunes. Yes, we know that there isn't always agreement on what the "correct" chords are. Here are the ones we use for a good number of our favorite tunes. They should match the fiddle and banjo double stops in the transcriptions and tabs. The chords for the rest of the tunes can be found on the fiddle transcriptions and on some of the banjo tabs (I'm going back and adding them in as I find time).

MIDI generated sound files
-We now have mp3 files of the melody (fiddle part) for most of the tunes. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Band-In-A-Box Files
-We have some Band In A Box file. Sound Files Page. They can only be played on Band In A Box.

Walker Creek Music Camp - October 2014
- String band class with Greg Canote, Jere Canote and Candy Goldman.

Walker Creek Music Camp - April 2014
-Fiddle and Banjo classes with the Earl White String Band with Earl White on fiddle and Mark Olitsky on banjo.

Walker Creek Music Camp - October 2013
- String band class with Greg Canote, Jere Canote and Candy Goldman. Plus, old time mandolin with Caleb Klauder.

Walker Creek Music Camp - April 2013
- Old-Time Banjo with Candy Goldman (and a couple fiddle transcriptions).

Old-Time String Band Music Class
- Group class in Oakland with Jordan Ruyle (Banjo), Allegra Yellin (Guitar) and either, Suzy Thompson or Karen Celia Heil (Fiddle).

Guest Book
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An infrequently eddited blog-ish collection of related news, thoughts about old time, blah blah blah.

About This Site
We like a variety of styles of old time including the gritty modal one chord tunes, the notey midwestern tunes, the serious tunes, the sweet tunes, and the dorky tunes. There is no doubt that it's good to learn by ear and be able to play a tune you don't know. But don't let anybody tell you that it's wrong to use notation or tab. It's a tool to document, learn, and share. I figured if we were going to spend all that time working up the tunes and putting them into tab and notation we might as well share. So...there you go. Hopefully you'll find something you like.


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