Walker Creek Music Camp October 2013

Old-Time String Band Workshop
with Greg Canote (fiddle), Jere Canote (guitar) and Candy Goldman (banjo)

Banjo tab by Ken Torke. Fiddle Transcriptions by Mark Wardenburg.

During the Spring 2013 Walker Creek Music Camp the Canotes and Candy Goldman taught a couple tunes during the afternoon sessions. They played the tune as a band, broke up into separate groups by instrument to teach the tune, then brought everyone back to play. This is the format of their long-standing class. Many requested that the whole camp be run that way next time so that's what happened in October 2013.

Note to Fiddlers: The Spring 2013 Page includes fiddle notation and Band Recordings for Bound To Have A Little Fun, John Robert's Tune, and Obama's March To The White House.

Old-Time Mandolin with Caleb Klauder
Transcriptions by Tony Phillips, Recordings by Ed Cirimele

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