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Old-Time Fiddle

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Mark Wardenburg has provided this big pile of old time fiddle notation.

Mouse over the Fiddle Tab to select All Tunes in Alphabetical Order, the page with the Newest Tunes or by key: A, C, D, G, Am and Other.

They are quick transcriptions from the noted recordings and that all of the subtleties of timing and the variations are up to you.

If the recording has variations they may be incorporated into the repeated phrases even though the source might not mix them up in one pass. And…more subtle syncopations and accents can't be easily captured in notation.

Since Mark and I play together you will generally find that a lot of this sheet music has an equivalent banjo tab. If not and you want it let me know. He also includes the chords so these may be equally useful for the old time mandolin, guitar and bass players.

How It Works
New additions and updates will be added here in chronological order so the few people that check back regularly will have less trouble finding the new stuff. I'll keep a rolling list from the last month or so. A warning is in order! The newer tunes are more likely to be corrected or otherwise revised. Check back and let us know about any problems.

Chord Charts
There are chords on the fiddle transcriptions and chord charts (on the guitar page) for many of the tunes. Yes, we know that there isn't always agreement on what the "correct" chords are. Here are the ones we use and should match the fiddle and banjo double stops in the transcriptions and tabs.

Back Up Tracks
Go to the Strum Machine page for info about chord charts and computer generated back up tracks.

MIDI generated sound files
We have mp3 files of the melody (fiddle part) for a lot of the tunes.

Are you trying on-line jamming for the pandemic? Here are some notes on how to reduce your latency.

P.S. Mark doesn't always look this sad.
You can contact Mark directly at mark@taterjoes.com.